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Welcome to the Australian Codes of Practice Database. This site provides information about codes of practice, standards, design rules, etc that may be required to operate your business. The database only provides information on codes that are referenced by legislation.

Codes of Practice from the South Australian and Northern Territory Governments are currently available. For information on licensing requirements, please visit the Business Licence Information Service (BLIS).

How the site works
  • To locate codes of practice for your business activity and jurisdiction, first run a query.
  • If you are looking for a particular Code of Practice, you can search by title or keyword.
  • You can then view individual Codes or select Codes for your report.
  • Use your browser's 'Print' function to print your report or 'Save As' to capture it as a text file.
  • You can use the Restart link at any time to clear all your selections and start again.
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